Globe Tattoo hack proxy

If you want to surf for free on your Globe Tattoo modem or continuing surfing after going over the 800mb fair usage policy then you can use a Globe proxy, often referred to as a magic IP. These proxy IP addresses are found by scanning Globes internal network for open proxies. Globe do not limit connections to internal IP addresses when you go over 800mb or have no load. They only prevent you from connecting directly to the external internet.

By tunnelling your connection through these open proxies on the Globe network, you can really surf unlimited. You should be careful when using one of these proxies though. Aside from genuine Globe Tattoo proxies, there are also some ran by businesses and regular users. These proxies could be silently logging copies of your passwords and browsing history.

When using one of these proxy hacks, be sure to access sites via HTTPS as much as possible, since this is an encrypted protocol and is much harder for the proxy owner to read your passwords and watch your browsing. Although there are still man in the middle attacks that would potentially allow them to continue watching your surfing, even over HTTPS. Inspecting packets that are encrypted takes a lot of resources and is generally outside the scope of your average person, so HTTPS should generally keep you safe when hacking Globe Tattoo.

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